Baby Anatomical Heart


Black Obsidian is a very powerful &. creative stone. It increases self-control &. forces you to face your true self. Removes negative energy &. imbalances. Black Obsidian is protective &. supports you during change.

The chakra (CHUCK-ra) point is root.


Mahogany Obsidian activates the three lower chakras to stimulates growth, sexuality, strength, creativity, passion &. protection. It is a powerful grounding stone that works to bring your thoughts &. ideas into action for the sole purpose of personal growth. Mahogany Obsidian helps release &. reactivate your creative energy that has been pushed into being dormant. A perfect tool for meditation to release negative energy &. stimulate growth on all levels because it works to cleanse the aura &. provide protection from future vibrations that may cause distress or discomfort. It is often used to remove energy cords between people that drain your energy &. violate boundaries.

The chakra (CHUCK-ra) point is root.


Lepidolite is a stone of transition that helps you release old behavioral patterns &. provides deep emotional healing. It reduces stress, depression, negativity &. helps you overcome any kind of emotional or mental dependency. Lepidolite has a very calming energy that encourages independence, self-love &. trust.

The chakra (CHUCK-ra) point is third eye.