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Mini Crystal Heart


Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It purifies &. opens the heart at all levels to promote deep inner healing &. self-love. Rose Quartz offers comfort in times of grief because it is calming &. reassuring. It eliminates negativity &. replaces it with loving vibes, encourages forgiveness &. acceptance of self which invokes self-trust &. self-worth.

The chakra (CHUCK-ra) point is heart.


Kiwi Jasper is nurturing &. supports you during times of stress. It helps elevate your mood &. lift your spirits as it tunes you in to the earth’s vibration creating a sense of inner harmony &. balance. Kiwi Jasper is very helpful for those suffering from an addictive or compulsive behavior because it provides the emotional strength &. energy necessary to face the reality of the problems &. begin to heal towards recovery. Cleanses, aligns &. balances the chakras. Absorbs negative energies to only allow positive light to shine on your aura.

The chakra (CHUCK-ra) point is heart.


Agate harmonizes the body, mind &. spirit. It has the ability to help with grounding by centering &. stabilizing your energy. This grounding effect means that Agate also helps with relieving stress, anxiety &. tension. It cleanses the aura to eliminate &. transform negative energy. Enhances mental function &. creativity.