Chi is for my mother, Chionesa &. aura speaks to who she was as a person, a healer. She was a naturopath &. used her knowledge to help so many people.

 It is because of her that I know about crystals. I had to teach myself the extent of what I know now but what I knew then was that they kept me safe. My mother gave me different crystals, pendants &. bracelets over the years that I keep inside a pouch in my car for protection. She didn’t believe in western medicine &. I remember when I was younger how she would use her crystals to remove any physical pain she was feeling. She would lay down &. place the crystal on that point for some time &. the pain would go away so from a young age, I knew how amazing crystals were without even knowing their actual properties.

 My name is Nzinga &. the day I realized I wanted to start my own crystal business, I was feeling completely overwhelmed. I was on my way home from work &. decided to stop by my local metaphysical shop to get a crystal to balance my emotions out. I normally research &. know beforehand what I’m looking for but in this case, I wasn’t able to do that so I described how I was feeling to one of the ladies that works there &. she recommended Charoite &. Sunstone to me. I was so shaky &. anxious when I walked into the store but after holding those crystals in my hands for about 5 minutes, I was calmer &. less anxious. I literally felt better than I had felt that entire day.

I started Chi’s Aura Crystals because I wanted to be able to offer that same type of support to others but most importantly to honor my mother.