An open box allows you to place an order then add to that order without paying shipping multiple times. This is for long-term orders so that means your order will not be fulfilled during my normal 12-18 business day processing time. 

The timeframe for an open box can range from 2 months to 5 months based on open box orders that I’ve completed. I created this option for my customers that place multiple orders/big orders because those require more time &. attention to detail. It also allows my customers to add new items to their order as those updates are posted on my social media pages.

To start an open box, you place your order like normal, put open box in the notes &. pay the shipping. When you place a new order to add to your open box, put OPENBOX in the discount code area to waive the shipping &. put open box in the notes. You can add to your open box as much as you choose but it is up to you to let me know when to close it.

As a reminder, this is for long-term orders.