Florida Water


Use Florida Water for cleansing, spiritual blessing &. protection. The botanicals used to create Florida Water also attract good fortune.

- Clear &. reprogram your crystals
- Spray a mist into the air to repel negative energy/spirits &. attract good ones.
- Cleanse &. bless candles before using but make sure they are dry before lighting.
- Add a few drops to a bowl of water &. place on your altar as an offering to your ancestors.
- Wipe down altars &. altar items to keep them free of negative energy.
- Anoint your pendulum before using it.
- Apply to the forehead or use as a rub down during times of high anxiety.
- Protect your home by combining Florida Water with a protective herb of your choosing &. a little water to anoint windows, mirrors, &. doorways.

These are some of the uses for Florida Water but there are many, many more.