HEM Incense


There are 20 incense per box.

Sweetgrass is used to purify your aura &. cleanse. It attracts good spirits &. positive energies.

Lavender has antiseptic qualities so this makes it ideal for cleansing &. healing. It bring happiness, relaxation, peace &. harmony.

 Cinnamon is known to stimulate wealth, prosperity &. success. It is used for purification, protection &. personal power. It can also help strengthen your psychic abilities.

Dragon's Blood is known to protect your aura &. your home from negative energy. It is used to purify &. cleanse. It can also help with luck &. success.

Jasmine attracts a spiritual love. It is also good for attracting money &. enhancing your wisdom.

Rosemary helps reduce stress &. promotes relaxation.  It works to clear your mind which improves your concentration &. boosts your creativity. Rosemary purifies the air &. removes negative energy.