Rainbow Moonstone Worry Stone


Worry stones fit between the thumb &. index finger with the purpose being to rub back &. forth as a way to calm the mind.

Rainbow Moonstone is associated with Divine Feminine energy. It symbolizes fertility, intuition, creativity &. prosperity. Supports mothers during pregnancy, birth &. breastfeeding. Strengthens your intuition &. psychic perception. Inspires you &. encourages self-expression. Attracts wealth through material things, emotionally, spiritually or even a wealth of knowledge. The vibration of Rainbow Moonstone activates &. aligns all of our chakras to allow energy to flow freely. It strengthens the aura &. is very protective against negative energies. This protection provides a sense of peace, mental clarity &. emotional balance.

The chakra (CHUCK-ra) points are sacral, third eye &. crown.